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The Southern Indiana Taiko performance group was founded in 2015 by Gail Nowels with African and Middle Eastern drums donated by Mary Quantrall. Under Nowels leadership the group has built their own Taiko drums out of re-purposed whiskey barrels. Nowels also designs and constructs their costumes.  The group attends Taiko workshops throughout the United States to continue to refine their skills and connect with other Taiko enthusiasts around the world.  They are one of only two Taiko groups in Indiana and is the only all-female taiko performance group in the Midwest. They have performed for Eli Lilly, Cummins Inc., Mill Race Marathon, Indianapolis International Fest, Columbus Ethnic Expo, Seymour Oktoberfest, at PRIDE festivals, many public libraries and schools, and other private events and venues throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

If you are interested in Taiko lessons, scheduling a fun, team-building workshop for your employees, or booking Southern Indiana Taiko to perform at your special event, email at or call (812) 581-0130. Follow us on facebook to stay up to date on upcoming classes and performances!


GAIL, Co-Executive Director

Upon her retirement in 2019, from 27 years of teaching physics,  Gail partnered with Tina to open the Southern Indiana Taiko drum studio. Gail is a founding member of Southern Indiana Taiko, feature drummer, and has been playing taiko drums since 2006. She has studied under various taiko masters in the United States, Hawaii, and Japan, is a member of the Taiko Community Alliance, and is an endorsing artist for Tycoon Percussion. She teaches the weekly childrens' and adult taiko classes and workshops, is the performance group's sensei (teacher) and show producer, costume designer, choreographer, drum builder, and Co-Executive Director of Southern Indiana Taiko Inc. She also serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer.  Her passion is playing naname/slant style.

LORI, Board Member

Lori is a founding member, feature drummer, and has been playing taiko with Gail since 2006. She is a powerful and talented drummer, particularly with Beta/vertical style, who enjoys mentoring other performers, learning new styles of drumming, and the challenge of new pieces. She is a member of the Board of Directors. 


TINA, Co-Executive Director

Tina joined the performance group in 2015. She is a feature drummer who has studied under various taiko masters in both the United States and in Japan, is a member of the Taiko Community Alliance, and  The Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI). She handles marketing for the Southern Indiana Taiko Inc. nonprofit and performance group, is an instructor for weekly classes and workshops, and is the Co-Executive Director of Southern Indiana Taiko Inc. She serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors. Her passion is studying katsugi and atarigane.



Therese became a member of the performance group in 2016. She is often featured on shime and Odaiko.  



Annalee joined the performance group in 2022 and enjoys playing Odaiko and beta/vertical style. 



Karin has been bringing a lot of fun energy to the group since she joined in 2018. She specializes in Odaiko and likes to play the bat bachi. 



Anuja joined the performance group in 2021, studies beta/vertical style, and is the MC at all of our events. 



Shelly  joined the group in 2023 and is our newest intern.  She has a natural ability to play drums and rhythm instruments. Her internship will last a year on her journey to becoming a performer.

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