GAIL, Director

Gail is a 2006 founding member, director, choreographer, costume designer and drum builder. She is also a high school physics teacher, mother, and ballroom dancer.


Tina joined the group in 2015. She is the assistant class instructor and handles the group's digital media. She is a small business owner, and enjoys hiking and kayaking with her family.


Lori is a 2006 founding member and is the staging director for Southern Indiana Taiko. Lori is a mental health counselor.


Therese began drumming in 2015.
She is the director of a local non-profit agency.


Swanson, a member since 2015, is the record keeper and graphic designer. When not drumming and dancing, she is a massage therapist, enjoys hiking with her husband and spending time with her daughter.


Dana is the newest member of the group. She is a retired lieutenant firefighter and EMT, and currently a real estate broker. Her hobbies are biking, swimming, and basking in the Florida sun.